Not the best version of FFVIII but still a great thing for those who were unable to play the PS version.

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy VIII PC
FFVIII is a direct port of the PS version of this game,and you'll see some graphical problems caused by it,such as certain areas looking fuzzy.

I played this game using a PC gamepad and it worked just fine.

FFVIII is one of my favorite games ever made.I live in Australia and a pre-owned PS copy of FFVIII is over 70$ and not everyone owns a PS3 to download this game.But this game will run on older PCs and I bought this game for only 30 AUD so I could play it when my PS copy of this game wouldn't work and before it was available on PS3.

The story for FFVIII is about an anti social guy named Squall Lionheart,who is being trained at an academy to be an assassin.A powerful nation is conquering weaker nations,and mercenaries are required to do special missions(and those mercanaries can be the assassins trained at the academy.Squall and some other students from the academy travel to places and do their mercenary style missions,but they realize they'll have the stop the powerful nation(led by their powerful sorceress),not just because they're paid too,but because if they don't,their nation will be conquered too.

Squall has a rival at the academy who likes to annoy some of the students who Squall spends his time with and it can cause some tense and humorous situations.

Squall meets a beautiful woman named Riona and she is the opposite to Squall,she is funny and bubbly,where as Squall is quiet and likes to keep to himself.And she takes a liking to Squall and it creates a nice love story within the game and some of the romantic scenes are very funny(but I will let you discover why for yourself).

There is other characters in the game who are either students from the academy or people they meet in other places and they have entertaining,unique personalities.

The story has some big plot twists too.

The gameplay has many of the typical RPG features,such as travelling to different towns,using items and levelling up.However in FFVIII,the enemies level up with your characters main level,but you can assign magic so your summons(named Guardian Forces or GFs),to make them more powerful.Finding certain spells and rare spells can make your GFs very powerful and the enemies easy to beat.But not finding these spells can make the enemies hard and time consuming to beat.You will keep finding new and more powerful spells that you draw from enemies as you progress through the game,which you can use to make your GFs get stronger.

You're supposed to make the main levels of your characters stay as low as possible,to keep the levels of your enemies down so you can beat them quickly an more easier.So in a way,FFVIII uses a reverse style of levelling system where you're supposed to keep your character levels down and not increase them.But,you'll encounter a lot of random enemies and bosses,so you'll have to fight at times and increase your character levels.

Your GFs can be summoned and will attack every enemy on the screen and will take hits for your character(but to summon a GF,you'll need MP,which your character has a limited amount of,and your GFs have a limited amount of HP too.When you draw spells from enemies,you can use cast those spells on enemies too.But,you need to draw spells and the spells you draw have a limited number of uses before they run out,which means you'll need to draw spells from enemies once again.

Normal attacks with weapons are near useless for the first 2/3's of the game.

So the battle system in FFVIII is kinda weird,but it takes away the need to level grind,but places a great importance on finding certain spells to make your GFs strong enough.

The cinematics in FFVIII are beautiful and artistic,and even though on a technical level they look dated,on an artistic level they're still beautiful.I like the beautiful views of the ocean and how it blends with the color of the sky and the field of flowers.Some of the cinematics for the story scenes are cute and funny and make the romance scenes even more special.Some of the advanced machines look spectacular and very huge on the cinematics too.

The academy looks very beauitful and elegant and the towns have a traditional style feel.The world in FFVIII looks modern(you'll see old style cars and homes,with sci fi technology)and big open grassy plains.

The characters have more realistic body shapes than the characters in FFVII.

The music for the game can be very elegant and beautiful at times and sometimes you'll hear beautiful singing that sounds like something you'll hear at the opera.

This is one of my favorite games ever and the PC version gave me the opportunity to play a decent version of this game when I was unable to play my PS copy.