An Amazing Game

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VIII (Platinum) PS
Great Graphics
Great Story
Great Game play
Great Soundtrack
Great,Great,Great!!!Everything in the game looks amazing! The story with it's complicated characters and their relationships will surprise you a lot as the characters are quite ordinary and they don't have any ambitious targets.The battle is performed "active time" which means that every character and enemy on the field take turns to make their moves.In addition,different systems come to battle.One of these systems is the guardian force system which you use to call a summon which are like secondary characters with their own status.Every time you finish your battle and earn experience points to level up the earn ability points to level up and learn new skills.Furthermore,when you call your guardian force to battle,your HP is replaced with the GF's HP so your character won't be taking any damage as long as your GF out.The graphics have improved a lot since the last FF entry too.The game's soundtrack is quite good.Different songs in different situation,like when you witness an awkward moment between the characters,the music is always the right to make the scene more interesting.The difficulty level of the game is a little challenging and you might have to grind EXP to move on but it's better this way.Lastly,FF VIII is quite long as the story is divided in four discs and there are a lot of side-quests to keep you busy.
Overall Final Fantasy VIII is an amazing game that every RPG fun (or not a fan) should play