The end saves it.

User Rating: 8.5 | Final Fantasy VIII (Platinum) PS
Hmmmmmm. acclaimed is ff8. It does well to serve up all the typical ff niceties however the customization and building of characters is a nightmare. Junctioning is hard to understand and can be cruelly repetitive. I suppose though the deep interesting and rather humorous characters make up for that. Another feature, in the game, that if you give time to you will pursuit. Is cards. Playing cards can give you an amazing boost if you win the games. The cards themselves can be broken up and used. Cards is highly addictive and very, very rewarding in some aspects. Back to the characters. A love story in there like - typical of the series. But it's a nice one. It's not annoying and liking it is very easy. One bonus is the best weapons aren't too hard to acquire so find information and get them when it's time. The monsters you can face will engross you or gross you but more importantly keep you on your feet. Admittedly until the last bits of the game it sits at an 8 rating. However towards the end it all comes together and ends up being understood and enjoyable as possible.

Disclaimer Some parts in this game are disastrous but as you can imagine the other parts are so good the bad bits count way less.