What a roller coaster ride. Emotional, Epic, and Breathtaking. This is one story you will not forget.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VIII PC
I've been looking for a game like this for awhile and I found it FF VIII. I thought nothing would come close to FF VII, but VIII nearly did. As soon as I saw the opening FMV, I was hooked. This game was like a movie: great FMV, cool & romantic characters , satisfying story, and the graphics were some of the best I've seen on the Playstation. Also the characters had very strong and complex relationships. Words can't explain how absolutely beautiful the graphics are and the sound was stunning, which was made possible by Nobuo Uematsu (a composer and the king of videogame music). FMV sequences had great sound effects, but could of added some voice acting during the sequences. The gameplay was great, but fell short with the magic system. All of FF VIII's magic had to be drawn from a draw point or a enemy. Also FF VIII introduced several new systems for you to learn: the GF (Guardian Force) system and the junction system. The GF system is basically your summon monsters. After you beat a GF it joins you, it acts like a member of your party (levels up, earns Ability Points, ect....). The junction system is a bit confusing at first, but it works. It starts with Squall Leonheart a student of Balamb Garden (a military academy) and this relentless drive to become a SeeD member. After training, he and his friends (Zell and Selphie) are sent out on their first mission: out to triumph over the Galbadians and to capture President Deling. Things turn for the worst as a powerful Sorceress named Edea steps in and also steals your rival (Seifer Almasy). Along the way you are joined by Quistis (your mentor), Irvine (a member from another Garden), and Rinoa Heartilly a free spirited young lady who changes Squall's life forever. The connection that Rinoa has to the story is unforgettable and the plot will capture you mind. This is personally one of the best games to ever bear the name "Final Fantasy".