User Rating: 7.9 | Final Fantasy VIII (Platinum) PS
As a new guy to the RPG video game, I want to be fair minded about Final Fantasy VIII. About a year ago, I beat Final Fantasy VII, a game full of great music, good graphics, funny characters and the best video game villian, Sephiroth, I have fought in years. That guy should be in a dictionary under the definition of the name, villian. Then, I bought Final Fantasy VIII, in hopes to get a repeat of emotions that its precessor gave me (i.e. joy, sadness, frusteration, relief and laughs). Final Fantasy VIII, although got the same or somewhat crappier graphics than FFVII, got the three main excellent qualities of a RPG game, 1) good music, 2)great characters and a 3) storyline that keeps you on your toes until the bitter end. I can't front, I enjoy the new way to make a buck (depending on your SeeDs rank), get magic (getting them it from monsters) and GFs (getting them from the major bosses) in the game, makes a person think a little more carefully on how to manage your supplies and money throughout the game. I just wish the card game system and the graphics were a little better and the music was a little more powerful and stylish like Final Fantasy VII. Other than that, FFVIII is a good RPG game to be played by loyal Final Fantasy fans, gurus and even the newbies to the genre like myself.