Quite simply the best game made to this date!

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII PS
Wow where to start? This game revolutionized video games and RPGs and inspired the games we play today. You play Cloud Strife, a young mercenary determined to stop the evil Shinra Corporation from polluting and killing the world slowly but surely with their nuclear reactors. As you progress thru the game Cloud is accompanied by companions who all play a key role in the story. The story is so enthralling and rich that it pulls you in and you cannot get enough of it. You start off in a slum based city called Midgar. Cloud is accompanied by friends and eventually finds an old nemesis of his Sephiroth, a very powerful man who seems to be a big part of Clouds past and in a bad way. As you branch out of Midgar in search of Sephiroth, you encounter many allies and many foes and plot twists and tradgedies. The graphics are good for that day when the game was made but now sadly they are not so good and up to date. The turn based battle system is no longer used in many games today but it worked perfectly in this one. You have 3 characters in your party and all have turns attacking and the foes. Materia is the magic in the game and are equipped within your weapons and armor. The better the armor and weapons, the more materia you can apply. As you progress, u encounter very powerful materia and weapons. The key to having a great strategy is to apply the right materia to the right party member for instance, one of your party members should be focused on healing while another focused on fire and element based magic. Also, as you progress, you will gain new means of transportation including chocobos (bird like creatures that u ride bareback and are a faster means than walking) submarines and airships. Another awesome thing that made this game so great is the huge world and your freedom and ability to go where u wanna. If u want to focus on just the story and the plot u can do so, but if u like u can explore the world and do side stories and missions. I think this was one of the first games to implement this. The characters are so real and beloved you will find yourself becoming attached to them as you would a family member. This is one of those games that simply cannot be passed up. If your an RPG fan or not I recommend anyone who loves a great story and great cast to try this game out. This game is what made me love video games so much and I'm sure I am not the only one who feels this way!!