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User Rating: 8.3 | Final Fantasy VII PC
I just have to say this is one of the greatest RPG games I have played, right up there with Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Evermore and Final Fantasy 3. You play as Cloud (you can re-name him though) You start off on a mission to destroy a Mako reactor. Shinra (a evil money crazy company) Is sucking Mako energy from Earth which is now dying. Cloud a former SOLDIER (not going to spoil anything ;-) Joined AVALANCHE a rebel group trying to stop Shinra for money. Along the way he meets up with a childhood friend Tifa and desides to join the team. They also meet others on their journey that deside to join for one reason or another. The story takes a huge twist when Cloud hears of Sephiroth (which again I wont spoil anything) and Cloud and company must stop him from finding the Black Meteria and summoning Meteor and destroying earth. Once you have better means of travel the adventures are endless. This is one of the best game plots ever, sort of a mystery. You help Cloud uncover his mysterious past and save the world from the clutches of evil. Play and expierience one of the best RPG's in gaming history, Final Fantasy 7.

Gameplay was good, you can move in circles which is good. That gives you more freedom to walk around. The controls were a little confusing at first but I just fine tuned them to my liking which you can do in the Configuration option in the menu. I couldn't find very many things wrong with the Gameplay, I thought it was excellent. I reccomend playing this game on a Pentium 3 or higher prossesor and a 200Mhz or above engine. Thats what I played it on and had very little trouble. Overall this game was very easy to play.

The graphics were actually pretty good. The characters were a little blocky but that didnt bother me. But wow, the FMV's were great! Well most of them, some the characters still were a little blocky but better than normal. Most of the FMV's the characters had amazing detail, and I actually downloaded the right driver so you can watch them from the CD on the computer while not playing the game. I wouldn't miss a chance to play this game, you definitly wont be dissapointed.

The sound can be described with one word- AWESOME. If you have played any other FF games you know about the battle music, well this game sticks to that kind of theme, sort of action, adventurous music. It was wonderfully written and goes along with the game perfectly adding drama or adventure when needed. Once again, this is not a game to miss.

im playing the game now