Final Fantasy VII is an experince that can't be missed.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII PS
Final Fantasy VII is a very polished game and defentily one of the most popular RPG's of all time and one of the best selling RPG's ever as well.The epic 3 CD Adventure,The amazing storyline,Memorible characters and great moments are the reason why so many of us look back on this amazing game.Now the story is that a group known as AVALANCHE is trying to stop the corporation of Shinra as they are destroying their planet and bring peace to their world as well.Now you play as Cloud Strife a man who just joined AVALANCHE as he just wants to help the group for money but later on he realizes it more then just about the payment.More character's also join your party as well.Barret is one of the character's that joins straight at the start as he is one of the members of AVALANCE.Other character's are Aeris who is one of Cloud's supporters and sometimes has a close relationship with him.Tifa is also a close friend of Barret as well a childhood friend for Cloud.Their are much more character's to meet along the way in this epic game and I will say that many of them have great personailty's and I think you will learn to love alot of them.Now the battle system in this works great.The Turn Based combat and mix of Real Time make up for some great strategy and when fighting some bosses it can make up for some very big challenge sometimes.The Limit Breaks can mean a close battle and can defentily save you during a dangerous moment.You can also summon character's to assit you in battle just incase things are going bad.The Materia system is also very simple to use.You can equip Acessories easily or add magic easily as well.Now you can explor a very big overworld in this game.Their's alot to cover but in the process it's really fun. The 3D backgrounds look a bit muddy and do show their age but they are nice to look at though.Also the character's model's look great as well.During battle and the Pre Renderd Cutscenes they look amazing and have a great look to each of them.When walking around in the overworld the character's look like Cute Anime styles of their orginal models.To me that's a great thing because it gives a serious game like this some cute charm and I like that in most Video Games.The soundtrack in this game is amazing.Some of the best music in Final Fantasy and it truley suits the mood very well in most area's and battles of the game.Other than the Main Story you can also do a few minigames.From doing Squats,Riding on Motorcycles and even Snowboarding.Their is alot to do in this 3 CD game.Overall Final Fantasy Vii is a must own if your a gamer.It's amazing storyline,Great graphics,Amazing Cutscenes and Fun Gameplay will be worth it to track down this epic game.