Final Fantasy 7 is not only the best FF game in the series but probably the best RPG of all time!

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII PS

There are many things that make FFVII a great game and fun to play. The story is extremely well written. All the characters are likable and you get in depth with each of them. Many of addicting mini-games. The Materia system is very creative (in a good way). Many places to explore and secrets to find. Also, after all this there is an added challenge with Emerald and Ruby weapon which are optional enemies to fight and are extremely difficult even at level 99.


For the golden days of PS1, the graphics for FFVII add a new level to RPG gaming, a 3D world. Also, stunning graphics for the cut scenes really adds to the story and overall gaming experience.


In FFVII, every area has unique music and the entire music collection is memorable. Lets just say after a few years since I have completed the game I still vividly remember most of the music. The music in this game is top notch!


FFVII is hands down the best RPG ever created. From a great story to great music to the strategy of the game it is close to 100 hours of fun.