FF VII will always have a special place in my heart.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII PS
Final Fantasy VII is my first Final Fantasy as well as my first RPG.
I could still remember how i got addicted to the game and played it over and over again. I must have spent well over 500 hours on this game alone.
There are a number of reasons that make FF VII my favorite game of all time and here is why.

The game offers you a total of 9 characters for you to choose from and not one of them felt like they were just there for the sake of being there. Each and every characters have their distinct personalities, from the swearing Barret to thieving Yuffie to the mysterious Cait Sith all makes you care for them and feels genuinely like a member of your party. The game lets you explore their background, visit their hometown and get to know them as well as to provide you with a valid reason as to why they would care to join you in your quest. Although most of the characters' limit breaks are just fixed animation, there are also characters that lets you play through slot machines in order to determine the kind of attack that you will be able to inflict on your foes.

Nobuo Uematsu did an awesome job in composing the OST for the game as each and every soundtrack fits their purpose in the game and the environment as well as the pace seamlessly. From the parade songs for President Rufus to the epic battle theme such as One-Winged Angel to the hometown-ish song of Cosmo Canyon. All these songs further enhance the mood and pace of that particular area or event and creates an even more immersive gaming experience.

The game incorporates various mini-games at different intervals (e.g., snowboarding, CPR, motor racing) as a mean of narrating the story in different ways and they do not feel out of place and each and every one of them adds to the fun experience of playing FF VII. The bosses in the game, besides serving as an indicator that a particular dungeon or area has come to an end, also prove to be very memorable. Aside from the starting bosses like Guard Scorpion, Materia Keeper, one particular boss stands out from the pack and has been identify as a classic villain, the infamous Sephiroth. Sephiroth, although not a very challenging or hard boss, is definitely an iconic villain with his long Masamune and Is definitely considered one of the classic bosses in gaming history.

However, the story is a bit complicated as it involves terms like Jenova, lifestream and so on, but once you understands the story, you will learn to appreciate it as it provides better understanding to the game. Overall, it is still a very exciting story and not a moment seemed dull and pointless.

The design of the game is deeply mesmerizing. Great character design, awesome monster design, the landscape and buildings were a treat to the visual senses. Different areas provides different feelings and every single one of them feels right. The poverty stricken slums, the quiet town of Nibelheim, the lonely City of the Ancient each provides an accurate simulation of what the game what you to feel in that particular area.

All in all, the game is a masterpiece by Square (now SquareEnix) and has stood the test of time since its release back in 1997 as evident by the multiple spin offs and the awesome Advent Children. The game holds a special place in my heart and I never got tired of playing it. I will always enjoy this game and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

Well deserves a 10/10, heck, I would even give it a 20/10 !!!