This is the greatest and my perfect retroview about the game that we can play on ours PSone, also downloadable on PSN :)

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy VII PS
Final fantasy VII is the greatest retro game that we can play on PSone game console, who still has this game console on his own can play the original game on ours PSone to play the game. We can also download this retro classic game at the catagory the PSone classic on ours PS3, PSvita and PSVita. So the game is greatest and biggest game on the serie, the game is on three parts with Final fantasy VII: Crisis core, Final fantasy VII (PSone) there goes my review about and Final fantasy VII: Advent childeren (DVD). These are the parts on the Final fantasy VII goes about.

»The story«
Cloud is a ex soldier who want to save the world and there is one serial murder who hates the world, there is a flower girl who are the chosen one from the Ancients on the world and she must save the world with her ability of Lifestream. Her name is Aerith, Sephiroth is also Ancient who want to kill and everything to destroy the world with the living things on the world. Shinra is the company who want to rule the world and they are from Midgar, the place where game starts with Cloud and Barret to make a war against the Shinra company, because the Shinra company is the one want to rule the world, Saphiroth is a Ancient and also Aerith is the same, But they have the difference of them mission on his own plans. Aerith want to save the world with Cloud and his friends, but Saphiroth want to destroy whole the world. Tifa, Cloud and Sephiroth lives in Nibelheim. There is a mystical mountain named mount Nibel and there is Corel reactor. There can be find the cyber or like of that mother of Sephiroth named Jenova!

»Gameplay 'n battle system«
The gameplay of the game is great to play the game. The game is easy to understand and playable with everything, but there is one thing if you want to beat the game quickly then you can do that and it's not 100% beated the game if you know what all the story about. To beat the game by 100% then you must do everything and that's very hard to do, you must have everything and don't miss every events on the game to beat the game 100% and that's why is the game very hard to beat the game completely!

The battles are on the game is the turn based RPG, that's means the game is simply to give comment and let them attack to the monsters or enemies like a boss of your fighters on the game. You must give the order and they do the exact the order what you give them, but you can activate some new weapons and magic or more comments with weapon and armor slot to give some materias. Materias are the some like crystals to have more abilities to use on the game, but they can be leveled up to master and if you have the same of that materias with master level and it's the same the you can sell it for more gil (money) to have more and you can have more stuff with it.

Limit break on the battles, these are the comment that can be loaded on the bar when they will attacked via the monsters and enemies to build you limit bar to use the limit break. This one is with levels, the last level is level four and there is the ultimate limit break. There is someone who can't own the ultimate limit break and her name is Aeris. Because she will be killed from the other ancient named Sephiroth, so that's why she can't reach that one!

»Graphic 'n Physic«
The game is not good on the graphic, because the character design is not good finished. The have no mouth on the PSone version, but on the PC version have they a mouth and the mouth don't move. That was sadly so bad on the graphics. The world map is simple and not physical perfect, the graphics and physics are not combinate perfectly. The game is great, if they was good then was the game strongest game on the serie ever!

»Music 'n sound«
The music is great to listen and you can even experience the happening on the game but the game's music is not 100%, it's good to hear the music and then you can even (maybe) know when gonna be happen on the game. On the sound is perfect, but one thing on giving comment by do something on the game is annoying with arrow (hand) sound. If we can take the sound off only the sound of the menu and I want to set off the sound of the arrow (hand) because that irritating me very much.

»To beat the game completely!«
If you want to beat the game completely, then you must find some secret history about your characters that you play on the game. Even you can know about the secret history about Cloud and his best friend named Zack. He the best friend of Cloud was killed by the soldiers of Shinra company at the near of Midgar. Then was Cloud crying and promised to his dead friend that he want to take revenge of him, then he starts his journey to take his wrath of his dead friend Zack and joined the avalance group, the leader of that group is Barret. That was the explain what I mean, there is much more information that you must know everything and with the secret informations and story about the characters that you play with. There is much more about, you can find and fight against the ultimate weapons on the desert and underwater to take the special items for something special. If you want to beat the game then you must find some like that and more secret events to do, that's why the game so very hard to beat and find them then you'll beat the game completely!

The game is great to play and you want to have perfect game on your PSVita and PS3 to play it again, then you can play the game again. If you never played the game, just do and play the game if you want to. I can tell you that you love the game when you play the first time if you're truly are the fan of Final fantasy and RPG game. So please try this game and you love the game either if you're the really fan of Final fantasy and RPG!

»Plus points«
+ Easy to play!
+ Music of experience!
+ Boss fights, very challenging!
+ Have fun with mini games at Gold soucer!
+ Buy new weapons, materias and armors!

»Min points«
- Arrow (hand) sound on the menu!
- Graphincs.

7.0 Awesome game of the series of Final fantasy!