Good but overrated

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy VII PC

Final fantasy 7 suffers from its bad translation, which is why it needs a remake.

Sephiroths reasonings for being a villain are confusing, and end up making him a comic book villain.He finds out he's experimented on and is disturbed so he goes to the library.He reads a book and then turns insane and evil:MWAHAHAHAH Now i am going to conquer ze vorld MWAHAHAHA.That isnt how you develop a good character and is why ff7 suffers so much.We never get to see him and we only hear about him.

Things were going well until the player leaves midgar, and then the plot falls apart.It then becomes fairly obvious that square at the time had too much on their plate at once, and werent able to fix every issue in the story or make the characters all equally compelling.

Cloud strife is a poser and a jerk by nature.Yeah his parents died and all that, but to me he doesnt really seem to be suffering that much, or at least the game doesn't do a good enough job to express the characters emotions.OH NOES!!! aeris died.WEEE!!! lets go snowboarding.You want a good tragedy of a anti hero?

Thomas covenant from the book is a good anti hero, as well as frodo baggins from lord of the rings books.We see the weight on their shoulders and how they suffer from it.

I also find that the characters really dont go outside of a archtype.Most characters have a arch type and a minor development and then thats it.

I do think some parts of the story are intriguing, i just think that as a whole, other games did a better job.

Gameplay:After playing a few times, i have to admit that after that i grew to liking the materia system.It offers a lot of variety and replayability.I have complained about ff7 a long time, and this is one thing i kinda changed my mind on.I also think the golden saucer is pretty fun as well, as well as the snowboarding and even the strategy towers.

Only other thing i would change in the original is this:

Add the ability to skip cutscenes after seeing it once, and adding in more ap so yo dont have to grind for so long for knights of the round.

Music is good in a lot of parts.I find one winged angel overrated and prefer dancing mad and dark messenger.

FF7 is not a bad game as some would make it, its a good game that was hyped to death and made overrated between those that were paid to rate it higher than it is and fans who have their nostalgia goggles on too tight.

best is subjective and best to keep it at favorite.