Simply the best RPG to date. Even though it's almost 8 years old.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII PC
Personally my favorite RPG and no game can compare or come close for that matter. This game is the reason I play RPG's, it was one of my first and change the way I look at games. This is the reason Final Fantasy games are so popular and will be. At the time the graphics and CG were simply amazing. Even today the story is still intriguing and one of the best. The game is so popular they are making a movie FF: Advent Children (Takes place 1 year after the events in the game) and another game called Dirge of Cerberus: FF VII (An Action game starring Vincent Valentine, almost looks something like DMC). I think Cloud's limit break Omnislash was simply Gold, if not the best limit break or special move in a RPG. Even if I play this game today it would still blow me away, the cast of characters (Cloud) inspired me and the story made me think about my own life. This game became a instant favorite for me and if you don't have time to play his game than you don't have time for other games. Also it had the 2 hardest side-bosses Emerald and Ruby Weapon. If you don't own his game get it now!!!! Fantastic, Magnificent, and truly a Masterpiece. Also Greatest Villain Ever!! I think this game has sold over 10 million worldwide on the PS and became a instant Greatest Hit. IMO Square is one of the best, if not the best company in gaming today and is why I love RPG's. Keep up the good work Square.