User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII PS
People always say that the perfect game does not and will never exist, theoreticly speaking i would agree with them, but personaly i found the perfect game years ago. Final Fantasy 7 is that perfect game, i cant find any complain about this game, the story is briljant, the graphics are stunnig and the gameplay is perfect. Ok, you play as Cloud, an ex-soldier who joined the rebelian group to put a stop to the Shinra coperation. Shinra sucks away al the planets life power caled Mako energie. After you have to leave the city of Midgar you will meet the coolest badguy ever, his name is Sephiroth, a strange man who was reported missing or dead after he disapeard years ago when Cloud was stil in the army. Sephiroth wasnt always a badguy, he jused to be in soldier just like Cloud. Even amung the elite forces of Shinra, Sephiroth was know as the best at his job, there was no limit to his power. After a blody fight in Clouds Hometown, Sephiroth was reported missing, until he returned to Shinra HQ and kills the president. Cloud has to put a stop to his old friend and nemesis evil ways, doing so you will find out about all the chatacters life storys. A truly unforgetable game. It is perfect !!!!!