User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII PS
Final Fantasy VII is the single greatest game I have ever played. This game changed rpgs, and pretty much gaming, forever. This game is simply perfect. The story is just so entertaining, you’ll fall in love with the characters, even the evil ones. The story of an amnesiac mercenary taking a small job with a rebel force that erupts into an epic quest of self truth and saving the world. Each character has their own stories and backgrounds. Of all the characters in the game the most interesting are Aeris (a girl with mysterious powers), Cloud (our stories hero with past darker than his name), and Sephiroth (our villain). These 3 characters are so integral to the story. Many gamers, including myself, have become more or less obsessed with Aeris. In a cast of characters that are gloomy and depressed and living in a dark world, she is so happy and brimming with life. The game’s Materia system has got to be the deepest most customizable in rpgs ever. There's just so much you can do. You could put a Final Attack materia next to revive to give yourself some extra chances at beating those super tough weapons, of place All next to an elemental materia like Bolt so that you hit all of the enemies on screen. And then there’s Vincent, who has to be one of the most coolest characters ever. He even sleeps in a coffin like a vampire! There is just so much extra stuff to do. You could raise chocobos and explore the world, you could fight for prizes at the battle arena at gold saucer, you could explore the depths of the sea and confront extremely difficult weapons. The limit breaks are so awesome, Cloud’s Omnislash is the coolest move I’ve ever seen. As usual the summons are beautiful to look at, especially ones like Bahamut Zero, Hades, Knights of the Round, and the oh so cute Choco-Mog. If you haven’t played this game drop everything you’re doing and start playing right now. Every time you play an rpg think of Final Fantasy VII because without it you might not be playing many of the rpgs out today. It is truly a historic game.