User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII PS
I will now go back 6 years when this game was realesed and review this game for what it was back then. Gameplay: Final Fantasy 7 has one of the best gameplay I have ever played. The battle system is great. It has a big variations (can`t spell that word) of magics, skills and summons and it is realy fun to play again and again and again. the game control is absolute perfect. Usally most games are not fun all time through, some can be slow in the begining and then getting better and better the more you play, others can be really great in the begining but getting worser the more you play. But Final Fantasy 7 is fun to play from the begining to the end. Graphics: This game`s graphics are really impressive. The character design is superb, Sepiroth is the coolest character I have ever seen and the other characters are very well made to. The enviorments in FF7 is also perfect, every city and places has their own felling (if you now what I mean). The battle system graphic is the most impressive i think, there is many big and scary bosses in FF7 and the summons (a powerful magic creature that you can call when you need some help) are really great looking at (specially Bahamut). And the FMV:s are really somthing, my favourite is when Sephiroth comes down and strikes his sword into Aries (ooooopps i I`ve said to much). Sound: It can`t be much better than this actually. The soundtrack is exellent, the best I have heard. there are many songs that you just want to download and listen to them over and over again. The sound effects are very good, it is a joy for your ears when you call down one of your summons or using the magics or limit breaks. Value: What can I say, there is a lot to do here. FF7 is about 60 hours long and there is plenty of minigames, extra boss fights, and the replay value is very high, I will play this game more than twice. Tilt: The story in FF7 is one of the best I have ever seen (if not the best). I think this game is a perfect game, I mean it doesen`t have to be better than this. Thank you Squaresoft! Last comment: I am sorry for any wrong spelling that I have caused.