First time playing FF7, need some help

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Can someone explain to me exactly how materia works? I know what it is and I use it but what does check and arrange do? How can you equip materia in both sections?

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I sure hope I can be any help.

every weapon/armour have slots (some don't). slots come either alone or attached in two. now... the weapon and armour has a growth rate (if i can say that) majority are ''normal'', some are double, and a few are triple! what does this mean?

Let's say, buster sword if i'm not mistaken is ''normal'' and has two slots (attached or separated... doesn't matter) and in these slots you have bolt and ice...
when you enter a battle and win, you get exp points for leveling up the character and AP for materia (to level them up)... let's say you got 10AP, since it's ''normal'' you get well... 10AP, if it was double you get 20AP & triple 30AP which is great! Imagine in a boss, get twice or three times more AP for a materia. (anyway same goes with armour)

Beside that, you can combine materia when having the two attached slot... ex --> fire+all materia = fire on all enemies OR cure+all materia = cures all allies (which i recommend you having), another example, haste+all = haste on all allies and well... you get the point. There are many types of materias and I recommend you experiment, also there are rare materias which you need to go on side quests to get, they are hidden in caves, internet can help.
If you noticed they all have their own color, like summons are red, skills are yellow, element/spells are green (sorry if i don't get the colors right lol, hope you understand, haven't played it in a while)

Something else i'd like to point out, the more you level up the materia the more times you can use it, obiously materia drain your MP when used and when equiped on a character it reduces some of their HP and raise their MP. Nothing big just keep everyone balanced (only some types reduce characters HP)
When materia level is maxed, it becomes Master, can be sold at a high price if you really need cash. Also for example, when Fire is Mastered... Fire is born (means you have another new fire materia)

Other things you can do with materia is... equiping the chocobo lure materia to get chocobos, you can for instance... combine ice materia with element materia... you can find many information on the internet.

Hope I helped a little... also hope you enjoy this game ;)

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Can someone explain to me exactly how materia works? I know what it is and I use it but what does check and arrange do? How can you equip materia in both sections?



I'll keep this simple:

You can equip materia on both your weapon and armguard, where 2 slots are connected you can combine a magic materia (such as fire) with an effect materia (such as "all") in this example it would allow you to cast fire on all enemies during battle. Late in the game you will find more materia that can be combined with any command, not just magic, of partuicular note is "deathcounter" which causes you to use the linked skill when you die, combined with a phoenix summon (life to all allies, damage to enemies) it makes you almost invincible in battle.

The 2 places you can equip materia represent your weapon and your armguard, in most cases(late game especially) stronger equipment has fewer slots, no linked slots, or has the "growth: none" mod, meaning materia in that equipment will not gain ap.

The growth mod is really the only reason you would place materia in 1 piece of equipment over the other, for example you can get a bangle really early on (sorry long time since I pkayed so can't remember where, but I think it's a sword for cloud) that has "growth: double" meaning the materia in it gains double ap from battles, materia in the other equipment doesn't gain ap.


The "Check" option just allows you to see your currently equipped materia without going intot he equip screen.

The "Arrange" option lets you move materia around without having to equip and unequip it.

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Ok, I'll explain it


Sure, I'll explain how materia works. First, access the menu. You know the basic functions. The triangle button brings up the menu. Directional buttons move the cursor, like this.

Select each menu by using the OK button.

If you want to leave the menu, just push the CANCEL button.

See? Let's go ahead.

Now you're in this menu, Select [Materia] sub menu.

Select who you want to use it.


Now look at the weapon there.

Each weapon and armor has slots in it.

Choose which slot you want to put Materia in.

Then select the Materia you want to use.

An example of materia is Curative Materia.

If you want to know what the effect is, like the cursor up with [Check] and push the OK button.

It's just like selecting battle commands.

Just line the cursor up to [Magic], you can see that the available magic has increased.

Now you can use new magic [___].

And that's some basics for you.