an answer to cait sith's name.

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hmph maybe it's already been answered somewhere...but I don't care and I'm sure no one else here cares either but I've found various grumblings about the pronunciation of cait sith when searching for the pronunciation of the word (not necessarily the character from the game) for my own writing. Looking at the name I would pronounce it "Kate Sith" as would most I think but many have complained about the fact that it is pronounced "kett-shee". More than one person has responded with "What the hell" or "That makes no sense" or "why would anyone pronounce it that way". I have a simple answer...because the name is gaelic in origin. Squre Enix did not come up with the concept of cait sith....the cait sith is an ancient myth...a fairy cat. Sith (pronounced shee) is the same as the sidhe (also pronounced shee) or at least has similar origins. A cait sith is a black cat with a white spot on it's chest (not a tuxedo cat like in the game) the cwn anwn and the cu sith are fairy dogs so the cait sith is a fairy cat...and thus, given the origins, the spelling of the name has an odd pronunciation. I don't think anyone cares and really I'm only writing this because when I see more than one question that doesn't seem to ever get answered I feel a need to answer it when I have that answer...I doubt anyone will read this or if they do I don't doubt that their answer will be "so what?" and that's fine. I just felt a need to answer it and now that I have I will once more vanish into the aether. cheers