The reason its not coming out anytime soon and why it will be in episodes

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If you think about it as a business move it make sense for them....just messed up for us

Prior to there announcement of the remake there stocks was plumenting

Once the statement was made it sky rocketed. (the mere mention keep us all intrigued and provided residual income for them. They know this)

This is also the reason its in episodes and not coming out soon. If they make it in one game, we buy and we all get happy how would they keep a sustained growth for there shareholders and interest from us?

Rather lets milk it as long as we can. Have the game (games) come out over a long period of time, thus increasing our profit with sustained income, free marketing and gained partnerships with other vendors (whom may want to be in the game) (increasing profit), Profit off of DLC for each episode, and possible gain customer interest in other products and/or past products.

This makes there shareholders happy ;-). because they are now seeing a gain on there investment quarter over quarter.

It would not be smart for them to deliver this game anytime soon even if they were completely down yesterday .....

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A business move = greed. Release full game in 2020 or whatever when it's fucking done. /discussion