An unforgettable fantasy movie.

User Rating: 9.4 | Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children PSP
We all know how successfull Final Fantasy VII on the Playstation was. Up to this day many people still hoping for a sequel of the game. But instead of that Square made this movie. Just think this is the fourth disc of Final Fantasy VII. The movie features returning characters as well as new ones. It also features excellent graphics and voice acting. Any die hard Final Fantasy VII fan will probably enjoy this movie.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is set two years after tha main story of Final Fantasy VII. After Cloud and the rest of the gang save the world from the Shinra Company, the meteor and Sephiroth, a new terror has invaded the world of Midgar. An illness called Geostigma is fastly spreading throughout the city killing everyone even small children. And there is no known cure for it. Not only that a group of rebels are stealing this sick small childrens and also some materia for their own plans. Now its up to Cloud again as he reunites with his friends to stop this terror destroying his world.

The graphics of Advent Children is excellent. This is not just an ordinary movie you watch at the cinema's. Its far more better than that. Every inch of detail is wonderfull not to mention the character designs. Every character is design with presicion as if its already realistic in nature and you can feel the emotions from their faces. The camera movement is also well done, everything you see in the movie is creative and not to mention the wonderfull scenes during the movie. The sound also must be given credits.
Some music of the battle scenes are exciting and the rock music style is a good change after the old Final Fantasy VII musics. And the voice acting is also good. Every character's voices fits perfectly and the actors did a very good job.

Well Advent Children may not be a game but the replay value is very high. With a playing time of just more than an hour, you will certainly going to watch this over and over again until you satisfy yourself. It doesnt matter if you havent played Final Fantasy VII, if you love animated movies then watch this. In the end Advent Children has live to everyone's expectation, the only thing remains now is the sequel of the game itself...