Terrible voice-acting? Check. Cheesy fights? Check. Outragious fashion? Check. Yup, this is Final Fantasy.

User Rating: 2 | Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children PSP
First off, I am NOT a fan of the Final Fantasy VII game. I do enjoy, however, the older games before VII, but I feel that the series has lost its touch and died off. This movie might have been the final nail in the coffin.

On to the actual review; this movie's a disaster. Sure, the CGI is amazing, but the hideous character designs make it a pain to look at. I never enjoyed the whole emo-kid-fights-long-haired-villain thing, anyway. The characters always try to be so "cool" with their attitudes and 20-foot long swords, or their spiky hair and motorcycles. Or spiky-haired, 20-foot, grumpy motorcycles. But, fortunately, at least this movie doesn''t have any of those freaky motorcycles. *shiver* The characters are so whiny that the terrible voice acting just makes you want to shoot the casting director, and the main villains are possibly the worst of the group.

The plot is nowhere up to snuff considering the praise the games get, but I never liked the plot of post VI games anyway. To each his own, I suppose, but I would not see why the plot of this movie would interest anyone. It's borderline nonsense.

The fight scenes are a physics major's nightmare. Or, actually, anyone who has an awareness of physics' nightmare. People can jump 30 feet high, throw others farther into the air while in midair, fly, teleport, grunt/"hmph"/yell like crazy, slice giant, falling rubble in half, etc.

Really, I could keep rambling on and on, but I'm sure that you fanboys don't want to hear it (and are probably already calling up hit men), and my poor reviewing skills bother even those who agree with me, so that's all for this review. (This movie might make a good movie for hanging out with friends and making fun of, though. Plenty of material)