Everthing a Final Fantasy VII Fan could want. If you don't like this then you must not be a true Final Fantasy Fan

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children PSP
I love this movie there is has a great story, does a good job at explain another chapter in an amazing story. First off I will say that many bought the movie and loved it, while I think that people were to harsh on it. Everybody seems to be bashing on seven and say it is showing its age. What age are we talking about, Fans simpy desired a sequal and Square Delievered. Set everything you have heard about this movie aside and watch it because it is great movie from start to finish never a dull moment of action and intense grabbing plot. The story starts off with Cloud running a deliver bussiness, but things go crazy for cloud and next thing you know he is through in to saving the world from a trio of Sephiroth wannabe's. The Final Fantasy VII Completion is underatated so bad that you have fans of the series ranting on how bad they were. Honestly I think that if you don't like them then you cannot Call Yourself a true Final Fantasy Fan. Definetly check this video out, and the rest of the Completion. Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus and of course if you haven't already Final Fantasy VII