A great CGI movie and great for Final Fantasy fans.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children PSP
This movie takes place two years after the events of the original Final Fantasy VII game. People are recovering from the horrible events of Meteor & now living in a city called Edge which was built on the outskirts of the devestated and ruined city of Midgard. There's a strange disease called Geostigma (Planet Scar Syndrome in Japan). The main character of FFVII, Cloud Strife, a total loner, is now works as a delivery boy. His delivery service is located in a bar called The 7th Heaven owned by his friend Tifa. Cloud & Tifa also taking care of Marlene (the daughter of their friend, Barret) & an orphaned boy named Denzel. Both Cloud & Denzel are affected by Geostigma. While looking for a cure & visiting the grave of his friend Zack, Cloud gets attacked by three brothers that look kinda like Sephiroth. The three brothers call Cloud "Brother" for some reason & are looking for their "Mother." They also gather all the Geostigma-stricken children including Denzel and Marlene, who doesn't have the disease, with them to the Forgotten City to brainwash the kids. The three brothers (Loz, Yazoo, & Kadaj) also manage to get Jenova's head from the Turks who works for Rufus Shinra. Loz, Yazoo, & Kadaj are planning another Reunion with their "Mother," Jenova. Vincent Valentine thinks they might bring back Sephiroth somehow. After arriving at Edge, Kadaj & his brothers summon Bahamut SIN to destroy the town. With the help from the other main playable FFVII characters, Cloud defeats Bahamut SIN. After that, Kadaj turns into Sephiroth confirming Vincent's theory. The rest you have to see. The graphics for this movie are amazing. Also, the fights are awesome & kick-a**. When I got into Final Fantasy a few years back, a few people including friends told me I might like this movie. Those friends were right about that. I love this movie. It's definitely worth getting on DVD, Blue-ray, or even the PSP UMD disc of the movie. There is also another verison of the movie called FFVII Advent Children Complete that has new or extended scenes, an OVA called the Case of Denzel, and several other bonus features. This movie is great for both Final Fantasy fans and non-Final Fantasy fans.