Final fantasy 6 is my favourite game of the series, and it’s probably the best.

User Rating: 9.8 | Final Fantasy VI SNES
The story of FF6 follows that of Terra, the main protagonist. Aid by her gift, the ESP, she sets off on a quest to discover the mystery of her past.

The most beautiful thing in FF6 is its amazing collection of characters, and no-one is the lead protagonist, even Terra. Whether they’re the heroes or the villains, most have their own stories to tell. Kefka, in particular overwhelms me with his twisted personality. Most of the characters have to be uncovered, and in doing so, you would be promised some extra gaming hours and more importantly, fun. While optional, I strongly suggest you to do some of the side quests, as the results are certainly well worth your time.

The battle system in FF6 employs the ATB system, which works quite well, except when more characters have the bar full. In this case you lose time to choose the moves for one while another one is waiting doing nothing. You have your usual attack, technique (which is different for every character), magic and item use commands, but what sets the game apart from the rest is the desperation moves and the Esper system. Desperation moves are available once your hit points are low, while the different permutations on embedded Espers would bear different results on your characters’ stats and magic powers. In the middle of the game, when you have lots of Esper, the possibilities will become numerous, and finding the better combination will take you a lot of time. Fortunately this allows you to play as you want, and have a party according to your game-style.

Despite being a SNES game, the game’s graphics is spectacular. Be it the world map, the animations or the Esper moves, everything is done well. The use of sprites perfects this aspect. My only complain on graphics would be the lacklustre magic sequences.

If graphics is good, the music is even better. Many of the scores here are made by Nobuo Uematsu, the same person behind so many other memorable Final fantasy tunes. The music tagged to each character, town and major events are done to perfection. I dare say that the Terra theme and Celes Opera shall remain in the heart of every fan who has ever played a FF6.

This game is for every REAL RPG lover, no matter if it’s on Snes. Graphics doesn’t count when you are playing with emotions. If you are searching for an amazing story, with interesting characters, you must play this game.