The greatest of the 2D Fantasy's finally comes to the GBA!

User Rating: 9.7 | Final Fantasy VI Advance GBA
Final Fantasy VI (Or Final Fantasy III for those who still haven't adjusted numbers from the SNES days) has come to the Game Boy Advance. This true epic has stood the test of time, and is still one of the best stories to ever be presented in an RPG.

In portable form, FFVI:Advance looks faithful to it's Super Nintendo original. The graphics are still quite good for 16-bit to today's standards, the re-translation allows some scenes to make much more sense, and battles look as good as ever. Of course, this remake is not without some issues.

Some battle effects slow the game down a bit, such as Holy and Flare. It could be annoying, but the slowdown has no real impact on the game, so the negatives are minimal.

Another issue is the music. Most people fail to realize that the Super Nintendo's sound processor was quite a powerful one for it's time. Sadly, the GBA's doesn't quite have the power to pump out songs like "Dancing Mad" like they sounded on the SNES. Some songs are close enough to their originals that you may not notice much of a difference, while others sound entirely different. This is saddening, as FFVI has one of the best soundtracks in the entire Final Fantasy series. I understand the Game Boy Advance has a weaker sound processor, but for some of the songs to sound as bad as they do, I have to question Square Enix's method's in converting the music. At least Kefka's laugh is as manical as ever.

The bonuses in the game are nice, as any chance to have Gilgamesh appear is always a plus. The added dungeon is a nice plus as well, and will give the expert player a challenge. All in all, Final Fantasy VI: Advance will likely harken the fondest of memories of Final Fantasy and RPG fan's everywhere. I would strongly recommend you get your hands on this, either for nostalgic value, or if you haven't played the original, and see for yourself why this is considered, by many, as the best game in the series.