Proof that overrated doesn't mean it's horrible. An enjoyable game none of the less.

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy VI SNES
Final Fantasy VI. Many have called this game the best game ever, I highly disagree. Yet it's still an enthralling adventure from start to finish.

Graphics: They are good, but honestly, before the game came out there were games with better graphics. It's nothing to complain about for the graphics are very nicely detailed. The enviroments are pretty well detailed, and the mode 7 cut scenes are very nicely done. The enemies are also nicely done. The sprites are cute, but also show depth to them.

Sound: Probably one of the best video game sound tracks out there. The music is very fitting, also the sound effects are amazing. It even has the best sound effect out there: Kefkas laugh. You just have to experience it for yourself to listen to this marvel. This is a game that you can just listen to the soundtrack whenever.

Gameplay: Solid at worst. The Game play is traditional ATB. It uses an esper system, which is similar to the materia system of FFVII, but this takes quite a bit of grinding, and you don't get to even use the system 1/3 throughout the game, which is very disappointing, because It's hard to truly customize your party.

Storyline: It's a rehash of secret of mana. Pretty much if you've played that game you've played this game, storyline wise. The characters are nicely done, and are memorable, the villain is also memorable, yet a bit over-rated as well.

Bottom line: A great RPG, but it's nothing like the best game ever. I feel it is over-rated, but it's still good. I suggest it's a game to play, and it even has a bit of replay value too. You can't go wrong really.