Going to be playing this for the first time soon

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I know it seem weird but after long going to be playing this for the first time soon. I got a factory seal one to play for my ps1 and looking forward to playing it. I heard some things about this game, i was looking for a classic game to play and decided after much thought this game. It kinda strange how i never really got a chance to play these earlier on, never had much with earlier stuff but better late then ever so i'm curious to see how 5 and 6 will be and i hear many people say 6 is great. Well i look forward to it as i am a final fantasy fan.

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Totally worth it. A really awesome game like all the old classics. I've managed to put together a vintage PC with parts people were throwing away just to be able to play old games on the platforms they were made to be played on. If you like old stuff you can find a lot of free"junk" to build yourself an avesome vintave machine.