One of the BEST RPG games ever made!!!

User Rating: 9.7 | Final Fantasy V PS
Final Fantasy is probably the most well known RPG in the world today. When you talk about RPG we always come back to Final Fantasy, and there are reasons why this game has made a reputation througout the world.

Final Fantasy V is basically your average RPG, kill some baddies, get some experience to get stronger. There is some variety though, like switching from warrior to thief, to mage, etc. It's really going to take A HECK of a time to tune up all your characters (If you really want to). This game has a GREAT storyline. Even though its 2D, it's really fun to play, and very addictive. The only mistake I find here is that they should've saved this storyline for Final Fantasy XI and vice versa. It will truly be a magnificent game if it became in 3D. Well, I guess that's that! If you're one of those FF fans who only played from 7 and then on. You should consider getting this game!!