This is definitely one successful port!!

User Rating: 9.7 | Final Fantasy V Advance GBA

The graphics are slightly improved, they're not brighter and the battle backgrounds have been redone and now they're simply spectacular
Monsters still look the same, but they're cool none-the-less and also there are newly added portraits which is nice of course
Overall, the graphics are simply fine but nothing too spectacular but the animations are above average


Perfect, the sound effects are just fine but the music is outstanding, there's a great variety of music so you won't hear the same tracks over and over again and also there are MANY catchy ones such as Clash on the Big Bridge and the Final Battle, of course there are many other ones that are as good


The story in my opinion is very good, it starts off quite nicely with Princess Lenna's father leaving his castle to investigate the Wind Shrine, of course Lenna could not leave his dad go all by himself so she followed him and on the way, a meteor crashes
Then, Butz (the hero) rescues Lenna from a bunch of monsters and finds a man who has amnesia and now the three of them have a journey together, and also later they're joined by a pirate called Fares


The battle system is as regular as ever, it uses the Active Time Bar which was used in all FFs starting from FFIV till FFIX and it's really efficient and fun and battles are actually quite fun
The game uses "Jobs" or "Classes" and this system is very similar to the one in FFIIIj but with few differences, of course the system needs to be explained but you better play the game to get to the bottom of it and believe me, it gives a lot of replay value and it's really good


This game is quite challenging, of course there are pushover bosses here and there just to keep the difficulty balanced but overall, there are many challenging bosses and enemies and also there's a lot of strategy in this game thanks to the jobs


A magnificent port of a magnificent game, the new translation and the new features such as the new dungeon, the new boss and the four new jobs are very nice edition and they make a great game even greater