Hands down, the BEST game on the PSP!

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy Reishiki PSP

If you are looking for an amazing and memorable experience like you've never had before, this game is for you. Type-0 is a masterpiece of a game, a 100 plus hour tour in a handheld that delivers a brutally honest tale about war, , betrail, vengeance, and devotion. This is by far the most brutal final fantasy ever. The sound track is just AMAZING! The gameplay is one of the best I've ever seen, the history is told from several perspectives through multiple replays, and boy, this one has a LOT of replay value. Yea, some characters are just bland, and seem to be a repetitive take of many out there, but the fantastic gameplay and the amazing history makes up for the small flaws. I have no shame to say that this game made me cry at several moments, because the storytelling combined with the soundtrack make such an amazing experience that I never thought I could get in a handheld system. If you can't play the original japanese version on the PSP, get the PS4 remastered, and play with the original japanese voice cast. Don't miss out this game!