Not what I was hoping for

User Rating: 6 | Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PS4

* Spoiler on this Review*

This is a good game. Keeping in mind that it is a psp port, This game looks incredible. The gameplay is fun, you have 12 different characters, each one with a unique game-play and set of abilities you unlock as you level them up.

Story wise is entertain, and not hard to follow if you play FF13 (even thought they have nothing to do with each other) if not you probably gonna need a second play-through but by no means this is a negative thing because there are many things you can revisit and do that you couldn't do the first time.

The problem with the story in my opinion and why this is not the FF game that did it for me, is that when it start to get interesting the game ends. By the time I got to the final boss, I was hoping for a change of events and a revelation of a main villain that was actually interesting.

Instead many great character with potential to be timeless villains are just thrown away, specially the L'cie. Some of this villains i didn't even knew they died or how they died because they where kill by events on the game and not by Class Zero.

I didn't felt Cid did something memorable, the class Zero cadets didn't even meet him till the end. There was no build up for that fight. other than Cid appearing in a couple of cut scene and none was worth remembering or made me say "damn that guy needs to die".

I really was hoping to kill Cid and then having the L'cie taking over and reveal an obscure focus that would have help understand why they went to war or something like that. Or at least having Cid bring havoc on the world with his new Agito form and keep on exploring this world trying to find a way to bring the world back to normal and keep on leveling up. Cause i finish the game at level 37.

The final boss is level 99, but the fight is... well lets say it needs no skill from you. You can actually beat the last boss at level 1.

I guess they did tried something different and is not that bad, but because of the nature of this game, and the style of Fabula Crystal Nova games having little kids beating an old man (like Barthendulus on FF13) isn't what i call epic, I don't think this is a Final Fantasy game i will remember or love as i had loved past entries.

Plus again just like 13, this ending didn't make sense, why is Rem and Machina out of their crystal state at the end? Why is Machina crying for Class Zero if he hated them and there was never closure to their conflict? Why are Rem and Machina crying over class Zero's fate if when people die all the living forget the memories they shared together?

Also where is Mother? Or the other high members of the school? What happen to the director? They just left and let a bunch of kids die?

This new square enix style of story telling similar to FF 13 leaves wanting for more in all the wrong ways.

I can only hope FF15 will deliver the kind of experience that we fans of the series hope for a FF game have being waiting to experience for a long time.