The 1st game I bought 4 my PS. 15 years later, I still enjoy it.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics (PSOne Books) PS
That game was the reason I sold my N64 to buy a PlayStation, back in the mid 90's.

It's a perfect game for someone that love strategy, turn by turn. Of course, if you like the universe of Final Fantasy with Chocobo, you'll love it (there is no Moogle though, except for one summon).

The customization of the characters is deep and fun to do once you get the full grasp of it. Yeah, 'cause there is a lot of details to learn and understand before you can really master it. For example, the class calculator is pretty special to use and you'll have to understand the primary math to understand its full potential. Still, I didn't use its class when got through the game the first time. So, no, you don't need this class. Actually, someone could get through the full game with only the two first classes from the beginning, but it would be not so fun.

For a PS game, the graphics are pretty good. I played Disgaea on my PS2 and I thought that the graphic on FFT were better or maybe similar (Disgaea is still a good game that I recommend to play!!).

The sound of the game, was ok, good without being extraordinary.

The gameplay is simple, even though, as I said before, you'll need a lot of stuff to learn and to master to fully understand everything. Even though, there is a tutorial, there is so much to learn that I wasn't able to grasp everything from the tutorial. Thankfully, you can press the 'select' button to help you learn about stuff while playing.

The story is ... almost perfect! I loved, it's pretty deep and brilliantly build. There is a nice evolution of the characters that is well supported by the their design that change while the story evolves.

I believe it's a must buy for any gamer that like strategy game that is turn-by-turn.