Final Fantasy Tactics is best described as a 'super advanced chess game'

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou PSP
If you've ever played Chess you'll know you have different pieces that can only do certain moves and the goal is to kill the King. In Final Fantasy Tactics you have a certain amount of characters each with unique attacks and skills that move acorss a grid style level trying to engage in battles to kill the leader and win the match. This is such a fun strategy game that you can easily put dozens of hours into. Unlike Chess this game is very invovled in making your characters grow stronger through victories, enhancing their armor, weapons and skills to really get an edge on your opponent. The level design is also not one dimensional allowing you to go onto building and mountains with certain characters that you can move up to higher blocks then other characters really add's to the strategy in the game. There's no time limit or anything to restrain you from making a difficult decision allowing you to choose your exact move with out any time of stress. One match could easily last 30 min in this Final Fantasy Tactics making this a very long game. The good thing about it being very long is atleast it's very fun until the end with a very involved story that you have to come love from the FF series.