The Best on the PS

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy Tactics (PSOne Books) PS
Now you are probably wandering why I reviewed this game at a late time. Well thats because they got newer versions of this game for the PSP and I would like to talk about what this version makes it better over the newer versions.

The newer versions are a copy of this version but the only problem with that is, the newer versions have a few small new content in them that kinda makes the game feel not like the classic version of FFT.

For instance newer versions have class names slightly changed to something different or spell names changed or battle zone rules changed.

For instance one of the newer FFT games i believe for the PSP has a new ruling system which I have talked with a friend and hes also talked to other friends and they have said the ruling system stinks. The ruling system prevents you from using certain spells in zones. This only applys to the newer PSP version of this game though. At the start of the game the rules will take a random call on a random type of spell and it will prevent you from using that spell. If the spell is a holy heal spell which heals lost life or hit points when used on your units, your units will die unless you have some other way to gain life or hitpoints. So the ruling system for battle zones is very annoying.

But back to this version. What makes this version better than the newer versions is the small facts that this game didn't have what was changed in the newer versions which means you get the feeling of the game that brought the newer versions to life. This game in my opinion was the baddest game for the PS1.

Besides FF8 and FF7, this game is a real fun and addictive game. This game was the foundation for newer games that were made and I mean a lot of em.

If you are looking to re-buy a PS1 and looking for a great game for the PS1, I recommend this game. You will be amazed about how much fun this game is.

Now if you do not know what this game is, then let me explain it for you. This game is a turn based game with the choice of many and i do mean many "Jobs" which are classes for each soldier you own in your army. And progressing in each Job or mastering each Job will open up newer Jobs.

Jobs are battle skills for how your soldier will react of what abilities he will have during the coarse of any battle. And If you are smart you can make a battle in this game last hours. You can use certain abilities on your enemy creatures just for "Job Points" to spend towards purchasing new abilities in the Job you are mastering in. Much like a school you'd go to.

The storyline is unique and insanely well done. You will team up with heroes that will turn their back on you and friends that you will grow to love and you will cry when some time during the game they are taking out of the game because one of your enemies snuck in to assassinate them while you was not prepared. You will learn the real truth behind the main character and find his eternal destiny in the game. It is a very awesome story that will keep you wondering always.

I rate this game a 10 for awesome quality. Its the Best for the PS.