What a epic game. This game is almost perfect in every way.

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou PSP
What a epic game. This game is almost perfect in every way. "Almost" is the keyword. This game is perfect to play if you have a public transport commute (i played it on my school bus) because of the handy sleep mode with the PSP, but also the game doesn't need 100% attention. The game style is like chess. You have your characters (the chess pieces) and then there is the land (the board) with squares that you can move your characters to. So it doesn't require 100% attention so it is easy to just go to sleep mode when your stop arrives and come back to it next time. Game wise, it has a great story. A lot of characters to keep up with and it's difficult to understand at the start but you'll get it after a while. And there are other things to do other than the story. Most of the time it's fun to just wander about and fight monsters for hours. And your characters have different job to master. Each one allows you do different things like have a bow, or a sword, and more. Mastering different job gives you access to unique jobs. Now, the story is a great one but a warning, at the end, it THE END. You can't go back and fight with your trained characters. I had LV. 90 characters and i was mad. So end the game with caution.