Can't touch the original!

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics (PSOne Books) PS
This game was played by me by chance. I took a chance on it. I believe my cousin had lent me Final Fantasy 7 and I was blown away by it....

So after experiencing that, I saw this at my local Blockbuster and decided what the hell. I've never played a game like this so let's try!

Boy, did this game change my life. I've never experienced still battles like this that were so fun!

Sure, the gameplay was a bit slow-paced but it was so addicting! I must have beaten this classic about 7 or more times.

And to this day the only Final Fantasy game that could ever be better than this game is 7, my first or second FF game ever (I played 3 around the same time I think. Experienced both through the same cousin who wasn't an RPG fan).

Thank you Terrance for pretty much breaking me into the RPG world! If you want to get technical though, the first RPG I ever ever played was Super Mario RPG, which was another classic (although a bit easy). But back to the game.

Final Fantasy Tactics had:
Excellent characters: 8/10
Great graphics and character art: 9/10
Fun gameplay: 9/10
Beautiful music: 8.5/10
Easy (enough) controls: 8/10

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance paled in comparison (as does its sequel I'm sure). They changed the whole point of gaining HP with armor and such and created the awful law system.
The only redeeming factor in that disgrace of a game was probably the fact that the game was more colorful than the original and it involved kids which was cool. It also continued the decent artwork (although they also paled in comparison to the original, which might be expected {PS -> GBA}.

Anyway, two thumbs way up. If you haven't experienced this game, buy it somewhere and play it on your PS1, PS2 or get it for the PSP!