The perfect molding of worlds and genres.

User Rating: 9.8 | Final Fantasy Tactics (PSOne Books) PS
Final Fantasy Tactics is a rare gem in the figurative coal mines of the tactics genre. Molding together RPG stlye gameplay with a innovative and fast based strategy engine, SquareSoft has created a title that remains playable, and enjoyable, almost an entire decade later. The plot is gripping and compelling, twisting and turning story and emotion like a pixelated whirlwind as the soundtrack whispers in the wind both melodic and memorable. For me, tactics/strategy games are a mislabeled and misleading genre, having nothing to do with "true" strategy, but dependent on the "I build troops faster, I win" mentality. Final Fantasy Tactics, fortunately, does not fall into this category and relies on many highly calculated aspects to decide a victor in each and every battle, which is a good thing, because often times you find yourself outnumbered and running uphill. Overall, Final Fantasy Tactics is a game for the RPG fan both young and old, the Final Fantasy fanatic, and the aspiring Alexander (The Great) type of strategy fan. A solid and highly recommended "Old School" classic that belongs in any serious gamers collection.