a great final fantasy instulment one of the best read on to know why

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou PSP
This is a great game
at first it seems quite hard with your characters dying and never coming back so you have to buy some more but once youve leveled up you can turn them in to some powerful jobs here is some examples
thief lv4 = draggon
its so rewading when you played a map over and over again as your levels climb and you finally beet the next story level theres always the next place where you can grind your levels and buy new equipment
after each battle new equipment comes in to the shop and the job system is fantasic my favourite job is the summoner theres loads of different monsters to summon
a moogle ifrit shiva bahamout!
buy this game if you want countless months of fun and adventure in ivalice
a great game overall

ps. its very diffucelt at the end but so great when you clear the level