12 years later and I'm still wetting my pants over this game.

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy Tactics (PSOne Books) PS
-An awfully good story about two war-torn factions, and a couple of friends who are forced to fight each other, though it can get a bit confusing at times if you don't pay attention.
-Create your own army from scratch at the start of the game and assign jobs to them however you want to? Yes please!
-Characters like Wiegraf, Beowulf, T.G. Sid, and Elmdor are incomparable with characters that appear later in the series.
-How many different jobs can you unlock again? 30? And for each of those jobs, there's how many abilities? 25-50? That's well over a thousand possible abilities for each character.
-Will likely take you 60+ hours to beat, and there's some endgame content as well.
-Cloud and Aeris show up, which is kinda neat. Each job is very familiar within the context of the series as well.
-Map variety and difficulty level is very good.

-If a character is dead for more than 3 rounds, they're gone forever.
-Some battles are a LOT tougher than others if you're not prepared.
-Would've been amazing to customize each character's appearance, though I really have no right to complain since you can just change their job anyway.