What are you doing to me 2007? Your video games are driving me insane with pleasure!

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou PSP
The remake of Final Fantasy Tactics. I haven't beat it yet, but I've played the origional. I've played it long enough to say something about it, for I already know the story line and all that becuase I beat the PSX version at least 50 times. Now, this game is the best remake i ever played. they kept it old school final Fantasy Tactics... but they spiced it up a bit. They put in Luzo (unno how cool) and Sky Pirate Balthier from FFXII (Pure ******* Ownage). the new graphics are great and everything. I also love the way they have character voices in the scenes, thoug it would be cool if that characters yelled the chant to thier attacks (like Agrias using her "Stasis Sword" in the PSX... not sure if it was changed, can't remember... ). However, its good the way it is. Theonly things I would change is the names.I'd change them back to the PSX names..... qalong with some of the words they use now. But it matters not. For FFT will own for years!