8.5 For young generation that never touch PS1!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou PSP
FF Tactics: War of Lions

Classic FF turn base ever. I have played this game since I was a kid. I became addicted with the system of ability gauge which was increased every time I launch command. I spend a lot of time in only one stage for charges the ability scores. It is a great idea to remake this game on PSP. However Not just keeping, the original system but also add a new two jobs as well. Let's check out, what you can expect before put out your money from your wallet.
- If you are already clear this game on PS1, stay away from it.
- The system extreme complicate like it should be by a Title "FF tactics". First you start with a low life chemist and squire with have no important skill at all and when you keep go though the story mode. You will have chance to play other high job with a different skills however as you can see every job have a unique ability does not mean that every job is equal so at the end you can find formation that beat any type of monster or warrior. Sometime I just imagine they will make the combination between warrior and mage or mage and mage.
- The landscapes are also effect to how your tactics are too.
- This part has been added two jobs, dark knight and onion knight. For simple player which intent to clear the single player mode only. You can forget the onion knight because it is not worth to play and the dark knight is also hard to get too.
- The graphic is quite disappointed.
Everything has two sides. Let s me tell you a reason why you must play this game.
- When I was a kid I try to bring the real time fighting game in to a turn base strategy game by drawing and cut the character in many actions but it seems like there is only me who understand the rule. If I have played this game before, I think I can complete my game. It can inspire every game that is not concern with a time much.
- The Ai is well balance from the beginning to the end.
- Enix place the space of imaginary on every obsession gamer during game progress such as(putting a name in sequence, Blizzard, Blizzardra to make the gamer imagine what kind of direction that Blizzard s going to improve ,the area, the damage, the rang to target. )
In the end I want to tell the young gamer that this game is a good game for a basic turn base strategy you looking for.