This is a remake of my favorite game ever but there are few things I'm shakey on...

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou PSP
This is still the great game I love with loads of great bonus content but there are a few things that was changed that I'm kind of on the fence about. They changed the dialect of "common folk" and a few of the names of terms (people, places, and things). I really liked the way FFT was at first in this aspect and feel that these changes really weren't necessary. Also, they changed the religion of the game from a monotheistic one to a polytheistic one. I can understand them doing this so it fits the FFXII timeline better but I hope it wasn't due to damage control from all the controversy from small groups of the real life religious community. Again, this is a detail that I personally feel was better left alone because it made the story deeper. SE also took out the little speeches that the characters gave on occassion before executing moves! Lastly, as much as I like having 2 new additional special party members, I feel like Luso and Balthier were only put in the game to promote and increase sells for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 and Final Fantasy XII: Reverant Wings respectively. Poor Ramza, at first FFV (Boco and Byblos) and FFVII (Cloud and Aries) show up to try steal his spotlight but now FFTA2 and FFXII (Luso and Balthier) want to be the new leading men, lol. Regardless of these minor yet annoying changes, the game still stays true to all the things that made it a masterpiece for me to begin with!

My breakdown:

What's Good:

- Same Great Epic Story
- Same Great Gameplay
- Same Great Musical Score
- Party size has been increased to a maximum of 24 members
- New animated cut scenes
- New Job Classes (Onion Knight and Dark Knight)
- New Characters Added...good and bad
- New Side quests and content
- New Wifi battles and VS mode
- New items to obtain from Wifi battles
- Rafa and Malak's Truth and Untruth skill accurancy and frequency has been improved

What's Not-So-Good:

- I'm still on the fence about some of the dialect changes of common characters
- I'm still on the fence about the many name changes on the game
- Change to the game's religion
- The speeches before moves are executed have been taken out
- Luso and Balthier seem more like product placements than part of the game

What's Bad:

- The lagging. Some sounds have the habit of lingering on way after they were suppose to have stopped (i.e. summons).

In all, the good definately out weighs the bad here and I think its just the hardcore fan in me that has me annoyed at the small stuff. The new side quests in this game are phenominal!!! I just wish that SE would give this story the proper ending it deserves...