My Most Favorite Game EVER!

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy Tactics (PSOne Books) PS
This was the first FF on a console that I had ever this day, it is not only my favorite FF but my favorite game! When I first started playing this game, I was really put off on the fact that it wasn't like regular RPGs and I had no idea that it was strategy game. Once I opened my mind up a little and gave it a chance, I was blown away! Final Fantasy III may have given us the job class system, but FFT masters it (no pun intended)! Though you begin with only 2 job classes to choose from, it will quickly expand to 20 (meeting the right conditions to unlock these jobs) and there are 10 unique job class obtain via characters who join your party through out the game. You can have up to 16 members in your party at a time (excluding guest members) and usually 5 on a battle field. I spent most of my time trying to unlock the summoner and mediator job classes. The mediator is like the monster trainer job from FFV times 5! You can now talk almost any enemy unit into joining your party (although it usually takes multiple attempts). That aspect alone kept me addicted to this game!

The story is very deep and can get a bit complex but its really good if you keep up with it! *SPOILER* Some people claim that the game is anti-Christian because the main villian is a Christ like character who manipulates a church very similar to the Catholic Church. However, I view it the opposite: IMO the story tells how a prophesied warrior and his 12 companions are destined to once again rid the world of evil and how the characters of the story are unknowingly the warriors of the prophecy and face the/an anti-Christ and its legion of demons. My some what thorough knowledge of the Bible and Jesus has given me the ability to compare and contrast the stories and draw this conclusion *END SPOILER*.

Sub quests are some of the best in FF! *SPOILER* The fact that you can recruit Cloud from FFVII and that Aeris from FFVII makes an appearance in this game is crazy enough!!! This was the first time that a character (especially a main protagonist) appears as a playable character in another FF! *END SPOILER*

My Breakdown:

What's Good:

- Highly addictive

- High replay value

- Being able to recruit random monsters and people makes the random encounters more useful than just for experience grinding.

- A variety of party members and job classes greatly contribute to the strategy oriented gameplay

- Great Music

- Deep story

- Excellent and very rewarding side quests

- Make chocobos more useful as party members. Characters can ride on their backs during battle.

- Most advanced version of the Job class system ever

What's Not-So- Good:

- The awfully ambiguous ending
- The Wiegraf/Velius battle. Go in prepared or you can very easily get stuck!
- Some parts of the dialouge are poorly translated
- Once main characters are fully recruited into your party, you rarely hear from them again

What's Bad: NOTHING!

In all, this is the game that got me interested in the rest of the FF series! It is the greatest game of all time to me and no game in the tactics series has yet to successfully execute its formula to become as great or greater than this game.