This game is a very great game with visuals, RPG elements, storyline, and a whole lot of tactics!

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou PSP
This game is awesome. It is very hard at first, almost frustratingly so, but then it gets easy near the end, which makes no sense at all. It also has a great storyline, which is kind of hard to keep up with your first time through. I love all the many job types, so that you can have a wide variety in your army of 24 people. The map designs are very inspired as well. I never played the original PlayStation version of this game, so this was my first FFT experience. I dont know any other people with this game, so I have never played online, so I cant tell you much about online gameplay.
The pros:
1. Great graphics, especially for 2007.
2. Fun game play.
3. Awesome characters and storyline.
4. cool map designs and attack visuals.
The con's:
1. Gruelingly hard near the middle of the game, but extremely easy during the end.
2. Not a very good soundtrack, but not a very bad one either.
Get this game! It is very good, and I think all PSP owners should own this game.