A complex strategy turn based RPG infused with the deep class system off Final Fantasy? Sign me up!

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy Tactics (PSOne Books) PS
Final Fantasy Tactics(FFT) is a turn based strategy game set in the Final Fantasy universe with all the spells and characters you've come to expect and love from the FF series. Made by Squaresoft(currently SquareEnix) released June 28th, 1998.

Nothing flashy but it gets the job done. Strategy games are not usually known for graphical flair so this is no surprise.

Superb music. No voices(to my knowledge) but a memorable soundtrack worthy of the name Final Fantasy.

Absolutely amazing. Tons of classes to choose from allowing you to create a team to your preference. Class skill system works great. Equipment is cool. Skills themselves are exciting. You can watch hours fly by in what seems like minutes just wandering around on the world map getting in fights. There is end game secrets typical of FF series, including ultimate weapons and such. Even able to unlock Cloud Strife from FFVII. Also much worth mentioning is the amazing story. Although confusing at times, the story is mature and will grab onto you taking you for a ride of a lifetime.

Replay Value:7/10
I never got bored of the battles long after i beat the game.

Bottom Line:9.5/10
If you havent played this game, stop reading and go pick it up for $5 off of amazon. Ive kept my game for 10 years and never getting rid of it. A experience that must be experienced.