Great game for people who like strategy games but.....

User Rating: 6.5 | Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou PSP

I thought FF tactics is a remake but after playing it, I figured out it was a port. No change in graphics, same old music and sound effects. But that doesn't make the game bad, right?

The story: 7/10

The story is great. But after you completed the game its a total letdown. First the story is getting better and better but when you play through the game you want to know more whats happening. But at the ending they wanted to wrap up everything in a nutshell.

The graphics: 3/10

Like is said: its a port, not a remake. If you still say its a remake then its a bad one. The graphics are coming straight out of the ps1 version. The added some cutscenes but that doesn't make it up (to me).

The sound: 2/10

Like the graphics: straight from the ps1 version. the music is great but it sounds so old. The sound effects are just horrible. Its sounds like if youre holding a cellphone next to your speakers.

The gameplay: 6/10

The gameplay is simple and easy to adapt. Its a turn based strategy so each character takes its turn to make a move.
There are some minor problems in the gameplay especially the job section. If you want to change a job you need to require job levels. At first it seems fair but then later it becomes a feeling that its a chore. Some jobs are just broken for (for me its the dragoon)
it doesn't meet the expectations.

This game is ok if you got a lot of patience. Im still dissapointed that they didn't do anything about the graphics and sound especially that its a psp game. If you like final fantasy and a strategy based game i woul reccomend final fantasy tactics for the nintendo DS. Ofcourse its the second game but its a DS and i thought the PSP can give more quality.