This game is simply beautiful

User Rating: 10 | Final Fantasy Tactics (PSOne Books) PS
When that game came out I didn't have a PSOne anymore and so I played a little with a friend who had the game. A decade latter I bough the game at the same that I bought a PS2 and can't belive oh good that game is. I replayed the game last summer and was floored by it. It is really incredible. I like how every jobs work differently. Like you have to check different things to make the jump ability of a lancer work than let say a summoner or the ninja.

Also the perma-death make the game really hard but it just remind us to not make hasty move and think a little more. The music is very beautiful, it really charmed me and they always put me in the mood.

The story is also very interesting, there is so much stuff going on, at one point I didn,t know who was again who hahaha. Seriously for 9,99 on the PSN you should check that out.