Beating Wiegraf (without Accumulate+Chakra)

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Beating Wiegraf is easy, it just requires some thinking. His main attacks are: - Lightning Stab - Holy Explosion With the right items, you can disable his attacks: - Rubber Shoes (cancels Lightning) - Chameleon Robe (absorbs Holy) Wiegraf will attack you using Wave Fist and Earth Slash (for a ridiculous 60 damage), and he will counter attack you (for about twice that); have a shield with good Physical Evasion equiped. You may need to use a Potion or Chakra once. Physical Evasion skills such as Blade Grasp are useless against counter attacks, and you can't rely on mantles due to the rubber shoes. Auto-Potion is a better ally, but you don't really need it.
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A great game. I totally agree with your post