Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is an above average turn-based strategy game that most people will enjoy playing.

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance takes starts off in the real world of Ivalice-not a world of Bangaas and Moogles-but soon turns into the fantasy Ivalice after Marche (the main character) and some of his friends open a book that then transforms the real world into the world of Final Fantasy. The story is more kiddish than most SquareEnix games but you get used to it after a while, but I do think that it needed depth. One thing that I really wish could have been in Tactics Advance was the option of optimizing you parties equipment, because going from one piece of armor to the next can get very pesky and annoying-not to mention repetitive. The graphics for Advance are pretty good for the GBA but are made irrelevant by the modern handheld console graphics, so it's not really an item for discussion presently. One of the better things about Advance is the sheer amount of material that has been put into it, which they're are over 300 individual missions that you do, and I'm surprised that they were able to get that much material onto a GBA cartridge, so anyone looking for a game with plenty of things to do even after you beat it can find it in Advance. So overall Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is an above average turn-based strategy game, though it has flaws, and anyone who can withstand the lack of depth in the story aswell as the tedious -and pesky- part of equipping things to your party will find an enjoyable experience in Tactics Advance and should give it a try.