This game will stay in your GBA slot for years to come.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
This game is simply addictive.Period. I actually logged 60 hours when l borrowed it from a friend for a month. The official review can give more details as to the intricacies and detail involved, all I can tell you is thats if you have the time, its deep. You can delve into the classes and level system as much as you want. Its only as involving as you make it, however it may be a little overwhelming to players without much RPG/ Strategy experience.

The graphics are nothing to write home about, but the art style is incredible. Its worth buying the guide just for the art if you appreciate that type of thing. I would suggest getting it anyway to fully experience this amazing world SE has crafted.

Gameplay is superb. Getting a critical hit or seeing a character level up is immensely satisfying, and the attacks and menus are very well done and easy to navigate.

Story is meh... A little useless. It really doesn't matter as the main attraction is becoming a better and better clan to further dominate. Upgrading characters and seeing them proceed to their full potential is a great experience and you can even get a little attched to the little guys.

Sound/ Music is good and catchy (a little TOO catchy at times) but
has too little variety imho.

Replay value: Unlimited.

If you have time to kill and/or like strategy, there is no better GBA game out there for your money. I give it a 9.0